Important Notice from Bea Parsons

April 1st at 10:28am by Bea Parsons

We'd like to inform all members of Rawmesh and the readers of this journal of the unfortunate events that transpired this morning. At approximately 07:30, Louis Palenque (a.k.a., Manolin), his wife Valerie and their son Philip, were in a devastating head-on collision. According to news reports, Valerie and Philip Palenque were found dead on the scene. Louis Palenque is currently in serious condition at Mount Sinai Hospital. The driver and passengers of the other vehicle apparently survived and fled the scene.

The New York Police Corp is unsure whether the recent animosity towards our project is the cause of this distressing turn of events. We wish to present our most heartfelt condolences to Louis, Valerie and Philip's family and friends. This journal will remain alive during the early release of Rawmesh in honor of Louis' hard work.

Attacks Against Rawmesh

March 31st at 9:42pm by Louis Palenque

¡Malas noticias!

The release of Rawmesh is being postponed a few days thanks to a massive assault against the Rawmesh network. There was no damage to speak of, but we're going to do a hardness study just in case. Tomorrow's the new today!

Midnight Tonight!

March 31st at 10:33am by Louis Palenque

Rawmesh is being released tonight at midnight, New York time. ¡Finalmente! I've heard that several major protests have been organized around the world (the biggest being in Manhattan). And maybe I'm getting paranoico, but it seems some of the news channels are even encouraging this! But, so far, the number of people wanting to jump into Rawmesh outnumbers the fearmongers.

Freeman is Low Priority?

March 21st at 3:20pm by Louis Palenque

The Police Corp have notified us that Missing Persons Case #Q5-57713 is being re-classified as Low Priority, which basically means that they've stopped all research into Freeman's disappearance. Everyone here is enfurecido by this news, especially his daughter Selene. Selene, as you may or may not know, is the senior engineer for the microsatellites that help distribute Rawmesh across the globe. She was the one who designed a way for them to self-repair using space dust and debris.

The release on April 1 remains on schedule, though. Just as Freeman would have liked. For now, Bea Parsons will be taking temporary lead on the project.

Threatening Letter

March 18th at 9:21am by Louis Palenque

An anonymous letter was sent to our Manhattan office today. The Police Corp doesn't believe it's anything, though this seems like a thinly veiled threat to me. What do you all think?

"An Imprisoned Man is tangled in the woods,

The Green shall set him free.

We are all enslaved by blackened hoods,

Is there Life within this tree?

For now we're partners, two-by-two,

So Satire doth decree.

As we will depart in flames and glory,

Man kneels on Bloody knee."


March 17th at 6:31pm by Louis Palenque

The NY Police Corp have just searched my home and office for what they say relates to Freeman's disappearance. They claim (but won't/can't show) proof of foul play!

Freeman Etheridge, the prime mover of Rawmesh, has been a target for years because of his ideas of a true, augmented reality. He has a belief that we can all be enlightened by finding and sharing the world's knowledge -- not just believing that information should be free, but that information is God itself. For him, the technical evolución of mankind, la perfección humana, is above all else. Scientia potentia est.

Or to quote Freeman himself, "We are digital magicians, all of us, in this world and the other. Our lives, our technology, our information, only bring us closer to our ultimate destiny."

Freeman Etheridge Missing

March 13th at 4:33pm by Louis Palenque

To dispel the rumors that the news channels have been spreading (and there are many), Rawmesh is still on track for early public testing in two weeks, even though Freeman Etheridge has gone ausente sin permiso. I want to note that that there is no truth of either his death (some say murder) nor his self-exile. For all we know, he might have skipped those interviews and the generic media frenzy and hopped on a Caribbean cruise. He deserves it! ¡Diviértase Freeman!

One More Month!

March 1st at 9:01am by Louis Palenque

The first public release of Rawmesh will be available in exactly one month, casi allí! It's only a public testing release, but the news channels have already begun their bipolar maquinaciones (machinations?). I'm pleasantly surprised at how fervent (para y contra) people have become about Rawmesh. It's been years in the making -- fine tuning the code, launching and testing the microsattelites, and so on -- so we're just as excited on this end!

Though I'm muy excited to have the opportunity to work on Rawmesh, I'd just like to add that I can't wait until all of this is over so that I can spend more than an hour or two a day with my beautiful wife and son! ¡Te amo!


What is Rawmesh?

Rawmesh, the brainchild of physicist Freeman Etheridge, is an augmented virtuality environment that also creates a true augmented reality. Users inhabiting this "inter-reality" can function in both worlds simultaneously, safely and easily switching between the two at will.

Where am I?

Though there are literally hundreds of people from around the world working to make Rawmesh the most authentic and panoptic "mixed reality" environment, this semi-official journal is mainly the ramblings of one of its developers.

Who manages this?

My name is Louis Palenque, but also known within Rawmesh as Manolin. I'm the Senior artificial life (AL) engineer for the Americas Branch. Currently, I'm finalizing work on the connections between the user's mind and Rawmesh's 'mind' (through what we call 'meshgear').